Felt Farmer’s Market Strawberries

Felt Farmers Market Strawberries


Hello and welcome to my website, www.toymakingmagic.com! So glad you are here! I'm excited to show you how to sew some strawberries and a berry basket to put them in! This project is inspired by the strawberries sold in molded paper baskets at farmers markets!

If you've never done any sewing, you'll learn some great sewing skills in this tutorial! And if you are an experienced crafter, perhaps you'll learn some new tricks??

This tutorial is divided into short sections so you can easily find your place if you are not able to watch it all in one sitting. I show you every single step, so this is a great beginner's project if you are new to sewing.

Please refer back to the PDF for the password to gain access to the video tutorial and for the printable pattern pieces!

If you have any questions you can send them to me via my contact form.

If you have little ones who put toys in their mouths, then you will need to make bigger strawberries to avoid choking hazards. You can print the pattern at a larger scale.

To make a heaping basketful I made 24 strawberries. I thought it would be a good amount to use as math manipulatives with my soon-to-be 2nd grader.



*Wool felt is typically sold in 8x12" sheets. You'll need 2 sheets of red and 1 sheet of green for the strawberries. For the basket, you'll need 1 sheet in whatever color you like. (While the basket can be made from one 8x12" sheet, you might want to buy an 18x18" sheet if you want to minimize the joins for the rim that goes around the top of the basket.)

** Wool stuffing is sold by weight. I love to buy one pound at a time so that I have plenty for future projects, but you can buy as little as 4oz for this project.

You'll need red, green, and yellow embroidery floss to match your felt for the strawberries. Choose a coordinating color floss for your basket.


Share your strawberry pics on Instagram! Tag me, I love to see!!

@toymakingmagic   #toymakingmagic

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