Getting Started With Beeswax Modeling

Getting Started with Beeswax Modeling


Have you been wanting to do beeswax modeling with your kids but you've been a bit stuck because it feels so new and unfamiliar? I hope that this video will help you get over those humps and answer any questions you have had!

Since this video is packed with lots of info, I thought you would appreciate it being divided into short sections which are easier to come back to for reference or to find where you left off if you don’t have time to watch it all in just one sitting. I titled each video based on the main topic but they do sometimes cover more info than what is in the title, so it's still a good idea to watch all of the videos even if the title doesn't interest you, because you might miss some other good info.  If you are short on time, you can change the playback speed by clicking the gear icon on the video player.


Mentioned Resources


I love Paper Scissors Stone for all my Waldorf homeschooling needs such as modeling beeswax, crayons and main lesson books!


Something quite funny, in the video, I was sincerely suggesting starting out with yellow, red, green, blue, and white without even realizing that those were the original 6 colors I had bought in a pack! Haha! I guess they knew what they were doing when they chose those colors! (I personally like vermillion, golden yellow, green, pale blue, red brown, and white best though.)

I bought my paper mache box at Hobby Lobby, a craft store. It actually came in a set of 3.

I think that in the video, I gave the impression that my 4 year old doesn’t make anything with beeswax, which isn’t entirely true. While he doesn’t work at softening the beeswax and modeling it, he DOES like to use his fingernails to cut piles of itty bitty bits of wax or sometimes he will stick pieces of wax together to make things, such as a table! He gets creative in his own way and I just let him be, I don’t try to guide him to make other things. 


Share your beeswax pics on Instagram! Tag me, I would so love to see!!


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