Do you want to make your child beautiful toys?

Handmade toys hold MAGIC for your kids
(Especially when they've watched you make them!)

Learn How to Make Waldorf Inspired Toys

Whether or not you can afford to deck your child's playroom with all the popular Waldorf store-bought toys, I know you crave bringing more handmade joy into your home.

I'm working on filling my family's home with handmade playthings - I have an endless queue of beautiful Waldorf toys I plan to make and I am delighted to share the journey with you!

Each month I will release a step-by-step video tutorial of a carefully selected toy that I believe both beginners and crafty pros will enjoy. (But most of all, your little ones!)

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I'm wondering if you're wondering why I chose to name my site Mama Tell Me A Story if I'm here talking about handmade toys. 😉

I have lots of plans for my little corner of the internet and one day the name will eventually make sense! I'm just getting started! Thanks for being here!

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