How to Sew a Blanket Stitch

Omgoodness! I just made my very first YouTube tutorial! “How to Sew a Blanket Stitch!” Ack!!! It feels a bit scary and vulnerable, haha! Now, I *know* that there are lots of blanket stitch tutorials in the world already, but I wanted to make my own! I wanted to cover every single question one might have about how to do a beautiful blanket stitch.

This video covers:

  • what length of thread to work with
  • how to get even stitches
  • how to make pretty corners
  • how to tie off when you run out of thread
  • how to join a new thread
  • how to finish off in a tidy looking way
  • a little trick for making a knot with very little thread left

What I really want to know is… can I take credit for coming up with a unique way for joining a new thread or do you already do it that way?? Can I become famous for this blanket stitch tutorial for my unique joining technique or am I still a nobody? HAHAHA I amuse myself.

blanket stitch felt crown
Felt crown sewn using blanket stitch

Now I get to be an annoying YouTuber and say those annoying words, “if you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel!” 😉

bean bags sewn using blanket stitch
Felt bean bags sewn using blanket stitch

I hope that my tutorial gives you the confidence to use the blanket stitch to sew together anything from felt bean bags to felt crowns to soft toys! It’s a very useful skill to have under your belt!

blanket stitch felt fish
Felt fish sewn using blanket stitch

Let me know if you found the tutorial helpful, and I’d also love to know what kind of videos you’d like to see me make in the future!

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waldorf-inspired toymaking

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