Knitting Tools

Knitting Tools

Most of these are amazon affiliate links but I encourage you to shop local or shop online from small businesses!

Tapestry Needle

Everybody needs a tapestry needle! This is the one I have and love.

Stitch Markers

Your pattern will tell you whether or not you need stitch markers. But either way, eventually all knitters need stitch markers! I don't own these exact ones but I chose to recommend this set because depending on the project, sometimes I prefer the ring type and sometimes I prefer the bulb safety pin type. They each have their place. I also always prefer metal over plastic.

That being said, get whatever stitch markers appeal to you and your budget.

This looks like an awesome set too!

Cheaper option

Tape Measure

Definitely an essential. Any old tape measure will do. Here is an adorable one. I use an ugly old one that someone gave me for free.

No Rinse Wool Wash

I have always used Eucalan, so I can't speak for other brands, but I'm sure that any "no-rinse wool wash" is fine. This is definitely an essential for all knitters working with wool yarn. I recommend that you buy it ASAP because you will need it to block your swatch. (It's ok if you don't know what I'm talking about, just buy it haha) You can buy wool wash at any yarn store.

Swatch Ruler and Needle Gauge

There are so many knitting gauges available, I really don't think it matters which one you pick. I don't consider this an essential, but definitely handy. I own a needle gauge (which I only use very occasionally) but it doesn't have a ruler like this one. I have always just used my measuring tape. If it fits your budget, I do recommend buying this one or something similar.


I hesitate to even include these scissors on this list because you DO NOT need these. But gosh darn it, they are so cute. It is really handy to have a small pair of scissors that you can safely throw into your knitting bag, but any pair of scissors will do. You don't even need scissors very often when knitting.

Row Counter

You don't have to buy a row counter. I only bought one recently. I've always just made notes in pencil on my pattern such as tally marks. Not all knitting patterns require you to know exactly what row you are on. Feel free to send me a message asking if I recommend buying a row counter for the project you have chosen to knit. If you enjoy using apps for things, there exists a row counting app! Ha!

So there you have it, those are all the knitting tools you'll need to get started! Please send me a message over WhatsApp if you have any questions!