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Mushroom House


Hello and welcome to my website,! So glad you are here!

Mushroom houses, oh my! Cuteness! Make one or make a whole village! These houses are the sweetest invitation for creative play. Your child will fall in love with them.

This project combines wet felting (with a resist, so cool!!) and needle felting. Just a heads up, this project will likely take you 3 days. One day to do the base, another for the roof, and another to do some needle felting once it has dried.

This is quite a long tutorial, so keep in mind that you can change the playback speed of the videos if you want to watch a quick version.

If mushroom houses aren't your thing, you can use browns and greens to make an earthy-looking gnome home with a sod roof!

Check out my wet felted playscape tutorial and wet felted rocks tutorial as well! They look so adorable together!


  • wool batting/stuffing (about .5 oz per house)
  • red wool roving (about .5 oz per house)*
  • white wool roving (very, very little is needed)
  • olive oil soap
  • warm water
  • glass jar
  • small piece of cardboard
  • foam felting pad (or make your own burlap rice bag)
  • assorted felting needles
  • detail cutting scissors


  • an old cut off nylon
  • bubble wrap
  • spray bottle
  • white vinegar



Oh yes, oh yes, If you have one of those battery-operated LED lights, you can turn this into a night light! Ours actually has a headlamp inside LOL!

My kids have been asking for me to turn this on every night. It's so cozy and comforting. I turn it off before I go to bed.

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