New Pricing

Thanks for letting me know that you read the email and that you understand that you will continue to pay $8/month for what will become Toymaking Magic premium membership.

And that if you cancel your membership at some point and then decide to join again, you can choose between basic membership for $8 or premium membership for $14.


Thank you for supporting Toymaking Magic!



PS: if you want to switch to the yearly membership for $95 OR switch to a five-year membership for $250, it's easy to do with just one click!

Log in to your account and navigate to "Subscriptions" and click on "Change Plan".

To anyone new here, I have a goal to sell 12 five-year memberships to raise funds to create a Toymaking Magic app where you can easily watch the tutorials on your phone/tablet and a social network where we can all hang out and share the toys we make and get to know each other better!!

I am just ONE sale away from reaching my goal!!! SO CLOSE!!

The five-year membership represents big savings!! It works out to just over $4 per month!

Feel free to email me if you have any questions!