Pattern Options

quick + easy

Want to learn how to knit but want to start with a very simple quick and easy project? Check out the pattern options available to you. You can complete the projects in as little as 1-2 weeks! There is a coupon code for a $5 OFF weekly discount, as these projects require less guidance from me compared to the pattern options shown below on this page.

Pattern Options

Choose from the following pattern options. Click on the photo to be taken to the pattern (you will need to open a Ravelry account to see the pattern details) and click on the hashtag to see other people's projects which will help you get a better idea of how it looks. Some are free and some are for purchase.

I have carefully selected the following patterns that I think are both beautiful and good options for adventurous beginners!

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Adult Sweaters

Adult Big Cozy Sweater

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Children's Sweaters

Little Big Cozy Sweater

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For Bundling Up


mason jar cozy

bunny rabbit

Plant Fiber Patterns

I almost exclusively knit with wool yarn but I wanted to include a few pattern options for anyone who prefers to knit with cotton. Cotton yarn behaves very differently than wool yarn so it's important to work with a pattern that is *written* for using cotton yarn.


(this one can be made with wool yarn as well!)