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Want to learn how to knit but want to start with a very simple quick and easy project? Check out the pattern options below. You can complete the projects in as little as 1-2 weeks! There is a coupon code for a $5 OFF weekly discount, as these projects require less guidance from me compared to these other pattern options.

Use coupon code 'QUICKEASY' for $5 OFF your weekly subscription to Knit With Me. This coupon is only valid for working with me on one of the patterns on this page.

Your subscription can be paused or canceled at any time. You will likely only need 1-2 weeks of my guidance to complete these projects. (Perhaps 3 weeks if you don't have very much time to knit). Keep in mind that the first week will be mainly about advising you on what yarn and needles to buy. If you order your yarn online you can pause your subscription until your materials arrive.


Nesting Bowls

I provide the pattern.

(requires wet felting to complete)


Mama Hen and/or Chicks

I provide the pattern.

Is there a different simple pattern you would like help with? From a Waldorf knitted toys book that you own (or checked out from the library) for example?

Send me a message and I will consider adding it as an option for this Quick + Easy category.

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