Learn how to knit from the comfort of your home!

Eight weeks with me as your knitting guide

Pay weekly

Pause anytime

Cancel anytime

You can choose to knit with me for 8 consecutive weeks or you can pause at any moment or even cancel, no questions asked.

You will learn the basics all beginners need to learn as well as personalized content to help you knit a pattern of your choice. I provide a selection of knitting patterns to choose from.

The knitting patterns are not mine, you will need to purchase them directly from the designer. Some are free. (Visit pattern selection page)

We will communicate via Whatsapp, sending each other text messages, audio messages, and video messages. Whichever suits the moment best.

You are 100% responsible for canceling or pausing. You may not send me messages or emails asking me to cancel or pause your subscription. You may not send me messages or emails saying you meant to cancel or pause but forgot.

If you want to do Knit With Me for longer than 8 weeks, then you may sign up for another 8-week cycle and you can cancel at any time.


Watch this video before signing up!

Knit With Me is, above all, about having access to me to consult about any knitting questions you have. However, I have also put together a course. Some of the video content I have created, but most of it is carefully curated YouTube knitting tutorials.

The course is more of a "Bonus". The course saves me from having to send everyone the exact same content over and over via Whatsapp. Once you have watched the Knitting Basics videos in the course, I will then be sending you personalized content via Whatsapp. (Which will also be YouTube knitting tutorials to help you with your chosen knitting project!)

Think of me as your knitting guide, your knitting buddy. There are always free knitting resources available online, but what is most valuable to a beginner is having someone to ask questions to and to help you fix mistakes.

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How I expect your experience to look like:

  • The first week you will spend watching the videos that I have gathered for you and choosing which pattern you would like to make.
  • Next, you'll spend time going out to purchase your materials.
  • If you've never done any knitting before, I'll guide you as you do some practice knitting.
  • The rest of the weeks you will spend working on your project of choice and consulting me via WhatsApp (text, audio, video messages, whatever suits the situation)
  • You may choose to pause when you are too busy to knit.
  • You may choose to pause when you are confident about the section of the knitting you are working on and don't need to consult.
  • You may choose to pause if you simply can't afford another week at the moment.
  • You may choose to cancel at any time, no questions asked.
  • You may choose to sign up for another 8-week cycle if you are having a great time and wish to continue!


If you have any questions you can send me a message on Instagram or through this contact form.

Or if you know you're ready, go ahead and sign up below!

Eight weeks with me as your knitting guide

$40 / week

Pay weekly

Pause anytime

Cancel anytime