Toymaking Magic Social Network

Hello and Welcome to the brand new Toymaking Magic Social Network!

I am so excited that you are here!!!

This is all brand new for me, so I am still figuring things out and making edits here and there.

I am very interested in hearing your feedback about how everything works!

Please let me know if anything feels confusing or difficult to navigate.


This social network is only accessible to active paying members of Toymaking Magic.

If you cancel your membership, you will lose access to the social network.

Your profile will remain, however. Any photos you have uploaded and any posts you have done will remain. You may ask me to delete your profile.


I initially set up a group, much like a Facebook group that is for paying members. If you wish to join, you may request to join. This is where you can attend our zoom meetings and where you can upload photos of toys you have made to the group albums! Exciting!

Anyone who signs up for a Toymaking Magic membership from now on will be automatically added to the group.


This is a space that is strictly about making toys. You are invited to ask questions directed at me, or at the group. You are invited to share photos of yourself and the toys you are making or have already made. You are invited to share photos of any toys you are making, it doesn't have to be only toys using my tutorials.

If you are wanting to post about something that is not related to making toys, please check in with me first.

Advertising is not allowed.

I trust that everyone will treat each other with respect.


I will be active in the group, enjoying reading your posts and responding to them, and delighting in the photos of your toys!

I intend to post about new Toymaking Magic tutorials, share some behind-the-scenes photos, and share about any new blog posts or youtube videos that I have published.

To be honest, I don't have it all figured out yet but I look forward to creating a fun space that you enjoy hanging out in!

If you ever have any suggestions for things I could do that would be fun, I'm all ears!


I do have one question for you, would you like the social network to be available to anyone who has ever created an account on Toymaking Magic? For example, if you cancel your membership, you could still access the social network, but not the private group.

Or would you like it to stay how it is, that only paying members can access the social network?

Let me know your answer and any other thoughts you have in the contact form below.




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