Waldorf Homeschool Craft Tutorial Roundup

It’s that time of year to start homeschool planning! I thought I’d do a roundup of 12 Waldorf homeschool craft ideas that would be awesome to do with your kids this school year! I have tutorials for all of them.

Wet Felted Playscape

These are so fun to make! For a child, I would suggest making something simple and small like a pond.

Window Stars

My tutorial shows how to do the two simplest window star designs there are! My 7-year-old is able to make one almost completely on his own. The loveliest way to brighten up a homeschool room!

waldorf homeschool window star

Needle Felted Bean Bags

This one happens to be a free tutorial I did for Bella Luna! Your child could make a bean bag or two to use for circle time games!

waldorf homeschool bean bags

Festive Bunting

Another fun way to bring color and life to your homeschool room that your child can make (or help make)! Check out this free tutorial on A Child’s Dream Blog!

Window Transparency

I wouldn’t recommend this particular design for children to make, but check out the tutorial to learn the skills and then apply what you’ve learned to show your child how to make their own simple designs! Just playing with torn paper can create beautiful results!

Felted Soap

I show you different methods as well as how to add needle felted designs!

felted soap waldorf homeschool

Felted Rocks

Felting rocks is a very interesting sensory experience. They are lovely to play with and use as storytelling props.

waldorf homeschool wet felted rocks

Playsilk Dyeing

I have different tutorials for dyeing playsilks with acid dye, plant dye, and food coloring. I would suggest a rainbow playsilk dyed with food coloring!

waldorf homeschool rainbow playsilk

Birdie Finger Puppets

This has been a popular project for kids to make themselves!

finger puppets waldorf homeschool

Needle Felted Ornaments

When Christmas rolls around you can make ornaments for your tree or to give as gifts!

Whittle People

This one requires close supervision and the involvement of an adult! A simple, yet charming whittling project!

waldorf homeschool whittling

Getting Started with Beeswax Modeling

If you have struggled with feeling lost or overwhelmed about introducing beeswax modeling, I created a tutorial that I think you’ll find very helpful!

waldorf homeschool beeswax modeling
I recommend watching the tutorials on your own and practicing so that you are well-prepared to teach the skills to your child! My tutorials are geared towards adults and are not intended to be an “online craft class for kids” (however many people tell me their kids love to watch the tutorials with them, which is fine of course!)

Waldorf Homeschool Craft Tutorials

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