Welcome to the Easter Basket Knitting Circle

Welcome to the Easter Basket Knitting Circle!


I'm so glad you're here! I can't wait to help you feel confident knitting in the round!

The knitting circle will run March 1 - 31 but there are some things you can go ahead and start doing!

  1. Check out the private group where we will be communicating with each other.
  2. Watch the intro videos to the Nesting Bowls and Easter Basket tutorials.
  3. Download and print the knitting pattern.

You can make an Easter Basket in any size of Nesting Bowl. The basket is simply a nesting bowl with a handle added.



A couple more important details:

Any time you post a question, please tag me @Jessica.ToymakingMagic. This ensures that I receive an email notification that you posted a question.

If you would like to be able to post questions in video format, sign up for a free loom account. You can record videos and then post the link to the video so I can watch it.


See you in the knitting circle!