Beeswax Candles

This tutorial is sponsored by A Child's Dream! They supplied me with the beeswax candle rolling kit, decorating wax and shape cutters and you can purchase yours from them as well using the links in the materials lists. Click here to get a special coupon for Toymaking Magic members only!



Make candles for all occasions! Birthday candles, votives, celebration ring candles for birthdays and all your seasonal celebrations, tall candles for mealtimes, and christmas tree candles!

You may want to roll your candles on paper or cardboard to avoid getting wax residue on your table.

Wax is easily cleaned off scissors/knives by scraping or rinsing under hot water.

Scraps of beeswax sheets can be saved for decorating your candles.

Cut your wicks somewhere between ¼ to ½ inch before burning if they are looking long.


*I discovered that using a small paintbrush is the best way to pop the wax shapes out of the cutters!

Cutting Dimension Reminders

Birthday candle 1 x 2.5"   (2.5 x 6.5cm)

Votive candle 2 x 8"  cut 2  (5 x 20cm)

Celebration ring candle 3 x 4" (7.5 x 10cm)


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