Circle Time: A Humble Guide

Jessica Bentson · January 17, 2024

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I do not claim to be an expert, I am just sharing my experience as a mom who did Circle Time and what I learned along the way.

I envision this guide to be specifically helpful to anyone who is experiencing frustrations with doing Circle Time or struggling to get started.

My aim is to create the type of resource that I wish had been around when I was groping around in the dark trying to implement Waldorf traditions, philosophies and education in my home. Sometimes you just want a peek into how someone else does something, right? I know I sure do. I’m always so curious to know how other moms do things.

I’m sharing the mistakes I made, the challenges I faced, the things that helped improve our circle time, the resources I used, as well as some “looking back” insights.

You’ll find:

  • tips
  • book recommendations
  • movement game ideas
  • Youtube playlists with songs
  • video clips from our circle time
  • and more!

I hope that you enjoy this humble guide and that you find it encouraging.

To be perfectly honest, I never reached a point where I felt “great” at doing Circle Time. But you know what? It was good enough. And if you are currently struggling a lot like I did, I would like to encourage you in your “enoughness.” 🙂

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